Worship Recap...April 3rd

I was totally excited about this last Sunday.  On Wednesday of the week before, we changed the title of the new series that was to launch, from "Search and Rescue", to "The People Jesus Misses Most".  Normally, this would be a catastrophe, but thankfully there wasn't much work that had been put into "Search and Rescue".  No meeting, no progress.  We hadn't scheduled a real planning meeting (which is abnormal for us) about this series so Kevin (Creative Arts Director) and I hadn't done much.  In other words, we were completely open to the idea of changing the series 2 work days beforehand. The idea was, who are the people around you, that need Jesus the most.  You pass by them everyday, the ignored, the hurting, the lost, the lonely, the homeless, the poor, the marginalized.  The text for this week was Luke 10 - The Good Samaritan.  Considering what God has been doing in my heart over the last year I was ready for Sunday.

Up early, ready for the day.

Call time on Sunday's is 7:00am.  We usually rehearse from 7 - 7:45am, do a technical rehearsal from 7:45 to 8:20 or so, then pray and take communion together (band and tech people) at 8:50am.  Service starts at 9.

Well, this Sunday started like all of them.  But then I got a text saying that key figure wasn't going to make tech. rehearsal.  No worries.  We needed the extra time to practice.  So...we took it.

Service started and it went so well.  Great transitions, powerful worship, and truth preached.  God was glorified.

But then, everything changed in the second service.

I broke a string during the first song (2nd week in a row of breaking a string).  From now on, it's all Mediums on my guitar.  I always play mediums, except that I wanted to brighten my tone, so I tried lights.  Didn't expect to be breaking strings.  Lesson learned.

Then, during our prayer time, which was to be followed by "From The Inside Out", a comedy of errors ensued.  First off, the click in my Aviom was on the entire prayer time (5 mins of quietness).  This creates 2 problems.  1 - I am afraid the congregation will hear it.  2 - It drives me crazy.  Literally.  So, I turned around to the drummer and mouthed the words "Turn off the click".  He didn't understand.  So I tried this, "Click...off".  Well, he interpreted that as "Count us off for the next song" - But the Pastor was still talking!  After 2 click of his sticks I mouthed "NOOOOOOOOOO" to prevent the band from coming in.  Whew...he got that.  I decided to let the click stay on.

Well, then the lead guitarist started playing the intro riff to "From The Inside Out".  I tried to get his attention and say, "not yet".  I have this thing about giving the next song away to the congregation during a prayer time.  I believe it can be a distraction from what they are supposed to be doing at that time.  Like..."Yes, I love this next song"...taking their attention away from what God is doing in the moment.

Well, he didn't look up, and I couldn't get his attention.  So...I let that go.  But now the drummer who witnessed this whole thing, was really confused.  He was holding up the sheet music to that song.  I'm thinking, "what's he doing"?

After the service, and after it all played out well, I learned this from the drummer:  He thought the guitarist was about to play the wrong song because he could see the guitarists music stand, and "From The Inside Out" was not on the stand.  And, then he saw me mouthing something to the guitarist, which he interpreted as me saying that he was on the wrong song.

By the grace of God, we all came in at the right time on that next song, and it was a great time of worship.  But I was VERY distracted by that whole thing.  Hindsight, it was funny how messed up all that was.   Has that ever happened to you when leading worship?

Lessons learned from Sunday:

- Communicate CLEARLY.  The little things need big attention sometimes.  Like...what are we going to do musically during the "turn around and shake a hand" time or the "prayer time".  Things like; when does the band exit the stage, and when do we come back in?  We need to be VERY clear about these kind of things so that we don't mess up communicating as it's happening.

-Technical Rehearsal is key.  I am not sure if you have one or not, but it is essential for us to have a successful first service.  We actually step through the whole service up until the message.  Then, we step through the after the message part.  It give our tech volunteers time to see how the service will play out, before doing it live.  It also gives the band and vocalists and idea of the "little things" before being faced with it while people are watching.  :-)

By the end of the service, Pastor Jerry brought the Word.

The songs we did on Sunday:

Better Than Life from Travis Cottrell

You Are Good from Lakewood

From The Inside Out by Hillsong United

Came To My Rescue by Hillsong United

Holy by 1211 Band.  <-----a WONDERFUL song to bridge with Communion, which is what we did.