Worship Recap - April 10th

Week 2 of "The People Jesus Misses Most".  Have I mentioned before how much I love this series?  I am currently reading "The Hole In Our Gospel", and this series echoes so much of what I am reading.  God is doing some serious renovations in my heart and I love hearing it preached from the pulpit.   Normally that is.  Yesterday was somewhat of an anomaly.

Rewind to Saturday.  My severe grass allergy wreaked havoc on my sinuses while watching my little girls play their first soccer game.  I wouldn't have missed it.  Although, every year this happens.  The fields themselves are the problem.  There are no trees around an miles of grass.  Throw a relentless spring wind in the mix, and you have me inhaling grass pollen with every breath.  This was Saturday morning.

By Saturday night, I was miserable.  My eyes wouldn't stop itching and watering.  I woke up Sunday with them glued shut.  That's a cool feeling.  Now normally I don't take any medicine (especially an Anti-histamine) on Sunday morning for fear of the side effects.  With anti-histamines, they make me hoarse.  Not good for the singer in me.

It literally took me until the 2nd service for my voice to properly warm up.  I didn't feel great, my in-were malfunctioning, my sinuses moved into my left ear and rendered it un-usable; all this was going against me.  But, I love how God is.  When we are weak, He is strong.  When we are strong, we run the risk of doing it without Him.  So, in many ways, it's great to be weak, and needy when coming before Him on Sunday morning.  We gathered for prayer in the green room, asking Him to fill us.  And that He did.

The songs we sang were:

Living For You

Glory To God Forever

What A Savior


Forever Reign

Please Come Home - an original from my buddy Wes.

We ended this service singing a plead for the lost to please come home.  We did it at the front of the stage, 2 guitars (Wes and I) and just us singing.  It really was a beautiful moment.  Lots of great feedback about the song, and the service in general.  And what was funny, my perspective was totally off.  I was in a fog the whole time, thinking "this isn't hitting home for people".  How many times do I need to learn that lesson?  You can't judge how people are being moved by the number of hands being raised. You just can't.