Worship Recap 5-22

Sunday started out with a bang.  I knew when I woke up that we still had songs to put into ProPresenter ("My Father's World" and "Beautiful Savior").  2 new songs for 1 service.  Generally, I wouldn't do more than 1.  I find that there is definitely a threshold that each church has to how many new songs you can introduce.  I know because in my first year here, I did 30.  That was a little much, but they were barely doing Hillsong, and hadn't even heard of United's "United We Stand".   So...for yesterday, 2 new one's.  But, most people probably have heard "My Father's World" before, just not the way I have it arranged.  At least, that was my justification.

That, and One Sonic Society's "Beautiful Savior" was just too good to pass up.

So, I woke up and went straight to the Keurig.  After 1 cup, and a quick shower, I hustled up to church.  1st thing every Sunday is making an air pot of coffee for our team.  I like to think of myself as a servant to our volunteers.  Love on them.  Serve them, and keep doing it over and over again.  They are giving their time.  The least I can do is give them coffee.  The least.

Then, I sat down and opened up the Word.  The Psalms are a wonderful place for early Sunday morning.  Yesterday, Psalm 50, 53, 60 and 75.  Part of my read through the Bible yearly plan.  And yes...I'm a few weeks behind.  Don't judge me.

After reading, hopped on the iMac and started putting in the lyrics.  At 7am, the volunteers start rolling in.  Time to get busy.

After a great rehearsal, we took a short break before coming back and doing a technical rehearsal.  The tech rehearsal is critical.  Things have gone so much smoother since implementing this practice.

Here's what happens.  The Tech Team get's in place and sets up the room with our Preservice conditions.  House lights up, stage lights down, iTunes rolling our preservice playlist...and then we walk through the service with everyone.  The band and singers, and the Pastors, included.  We will do the service as if it was the real deal and it usually takes around 30 mins.  We cut out the preaching and the extended prayer time.

In times past, I have heard us call the the 1st service our "warm up" service.  Our "trial run", and usually, we treated it like such.  Transitions were sloppy, dead and awkward stage time, etc... There was a much higher potential for awkwardness in the 1st service.   (I'm sorry if you are one of the victims of that-hopefully we are doing much better now).

Anyways...after Tech Rehearsal, we had about 20 minutes before the beginning of service.  I love not being rushed on Sunday morning.

We started off with "The Highest and Greatest" by Tim Hughes, and "Bless The Lord" by Jeff Deyo.  Love both of these songs.  Great declaration in the chorus of "Bless The Lord".  "I will worship You, I will praise Your Name forever...", good stuff.

Then after a quick time of meet and greet, we did "My Father's World".  Hope to record this someday.  It's a catchy revamp of the old hymn.

We then did a welcome that on video and moved to a time of honoring the graduating seniors.  It was a wonderful time.  We coupled that with our prayer time that we call Stand In The Gap.

After that, we did 2 more songs; "Beautiful Savior", One Sonic Society and "Your Great Name" (and I am not sure who wrote this song, the first version I heard was from The People's Church in Franklin, TN. But I am LOVING this song right now.  So powerful an expression.  Fresh worship for our Church, great melody, this song has it all.

Then, Pastor David came up to break a wonderful message on what we pass on to our Children.  It was convicting for me, no doubt.

A wonderful, stress-free, worshipful Sunday.  Lifechange happened.  People me the Lord, and for many, for the first time ever.  Praise God.  What better way is there to start the week?