Really been trying to stretch my mind around the phenomenon of folks giving their music away.  Noisetrade-Free mp3 downloads.  I mean, your's so personal, so intricate, so raw...will me giving away my music, cheapen it to some who might have otherwise not bought it?  Will this be viewed as a stupid decision by others, only driven by our need for publicity?  Or...will be a genius move? I am leaning towards the latter, for I understand the value of the true fan.

I am a true fan.

That is, I'm a fan of Graham Colton and Green River Ordinance, who have chosen to give their music away.  I downloaded their tunes, and primarily that is all I have been listening to as of late.  So much so, that I am now the proud owner of almost all their stuff (and I bought the rest of it).  I am a true fan of theirs.  I will go to their shows and I will RT them.  That's worth much more than $6 (the average proceeds from a $9.99 album on iTunes) to them, I am sure.  For me, I'd pay $6 for a rabid fan.  The least I can do is give the music away and hope that it strikes a chord for someone who can identify with our songs.  Perhaps that person will become a friend/fan/promoter/loyal listener.  That is why we make the music, right?  It's about people right?  So we can connect with people.  Here, have our album, and I hope you can connect with this.  It's why we do what we do.

It's our language, our M.O., our hearts cry.  Connection.  Love.  Music.  Enjoy, and feel free to share this with anyone, and everyone.  After all, it's free!