How many of you Worship Pastors/Leaders out there, are beginning to feel the squeeze?  How many have this increasing level of anxiety that shows up, all so subtly, and takes hold of your blood pressure, sanity, peace, heart-rate, and more...till December 26th?

This is my calendar for this week.  Notice Tuesday and Wednesday.  More and More, the weeks are starting to look like this for me.  Yesterday was our yearly, Christmas Events planning meeting.  And, as helpful our staff has been about not loading me up with the bulk of the burden (which has been the case in years past) I am still feeling a bit of pressure.  And, it's only October.

As a Church with a Preschool in it, every year they have a big Christmas Event in our Worship Space.  Which means, = clearing the stage//running tech support, etc...

Then, our Children's Ministry has a big production.  = Clearing the stage//tech support, etc...

And, a Community Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas Cafe (which we are attempting to pull off Behold The Lamb of God, and which we have already been working for 2 months on) and Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  On top of our Advent Conspiracy series benefitting Hope Unlimited.

How am I going to get this all done, and not come out of Christmas, completely spent?  Anyone else feeling the squeeze?  I think I am better prepared heading into the madness, than in years past, but I can feel the tension.  It's palpable.