Spotify Worked for Ryan Adams

Last week, I received an email from Spotify saying that Ryan Adams new record "Ashes and Fire" was now available to stream.  It sat in my inbox waiting for the right time.  You can't just put on a Ryan Adams album any time of day.  It has to be the right time.  For me, coffee must be present, and a general feeling of melancholy doesn't hurt either.  Monday morning most weeks fits these two requirements, so today was the day.

I have loved Ryan Adams since the days of Demolition.  His songwriting captured me in a way that few songwriters have.  Simple, honest lyrics, with a bent towards self-pity.  I love it.

This album was a fixture in my musical diet in 2002.  Then, I went back and bought Gold, and have almost every one of his albums since then.  He is constantly writing.  And he never really repeats himself.  He is committed to this craft of making good music, and I love that about him.

So back to Spotify.  I made it through track 5, and went directly to iTunes and bought the whole album.  It's good to support good music.

What's your favorite album as of late?