Pain. Not so fun.

Friday night, the family and I were at some friends house celebrating their last weekend in the states before leaving for Banda Aceh, Indonesia.  This couple, from our church has worked as NGO Macaroni's for a year, and is going back for another.  They love the Indonesian people, and they themselves are living the radical life. We were enjoying their last taste of authentic Tex-Mex (Lupe Tortilla catered).  I was lost in my beef fajita, when I heard my middle child scream a blood curdling scream.  You parent's know by the intensity of your child's cry, when they are in pain.  I ran to the trampoline to find my precious Bailey rolling around in agony.  I scooped her up, and carried her inside.  Rolled ankle.  Intense pain.  Not fun.  

After a weekend of walking around on crutches, her underarms hurt.  Then, to top it off today Vanessa performed minor surgery without anesthesia on a small boil.

Poor little girl.

Isn't it so not fun to see your children going through such awful pain.  It kind of breaks my heart.  You can connect the dots and make a wonderful sermon illustration.

I cannot.  I must go wrap her ankle back up.

Hope your Sunday was packed full of amazing truth, and worship.  At my church, Sissy Holder and Lori Romain sang two beautiful tunes.  I was blessed, and Christ was worshipped.  What better way to spend Sunday morning.