Staff Retreat Week

The very title of this gives me a little apprehension, if I'm honest. Staff Retreat. Staph Retreat.

For me, the apprehension comes because my  schedule is getting hijacked for a few days.  In fact, yesterday afternoon I sat down with my computer, phone and Bible, and began to work on the Podcast from yesterday's services.  Most of the time I begin staff meeting trying to eek out some of the things that MUST get done.

Then...the gentle voice asking us all, "to unplug from technology during this breathe, and breathe deeply of this time".

Serious?  Was that comment directed at me?


But I don't want to.  I'm almost done exporting, can we start 10 minutes late?  I humbly shut my laptop, frustrated and try focus in.  It takes awhile, but eventually I begin to breathe deep of the moment.  "God, if I can't get anything done that I want to get done, me accept that". My prayer sounds like this at this moment.

Then something happens, and God begins to work.  As we discuss, and open up, and spend time in the Word, and...breathe, God does amazing things.  The first of which, is setting my heart at ease.  And my prayer changes.  "God, if I can't can't get anything done that I want to get done, let it be because I am getting things done that YOU want me to get done".

Funny things happen when you open yourself up to that.  Heart change, and crystal clarity.  A mighty slamming on the brakes that kinda jars everything in my life.  Like, everything that wasn't fastened tight, goes crashing to the floor, and God slowly begins to rebuild.  This is what Staff Retreat becomes for me.  A necessary HALT!  Refocus, redirection, recommitment.  And for this, I become so grateful for.

In addition, there are somethings that are benefits to this kind of schedule hijacking.  This forces me to consider ONLY that which is necessary for Sunday morning to happen.  Everything else falls to the cutting room floor.  It can wait.

I am looking forward to day 2 of our Staycation version of Staff Retreat.  Yes...we are staying in town spending each night at home with the family.  Good stewardship driving that decision.

Today, we are meeting at a very cool room at Westland Baptist Church.  I'll post pictures later.

So...can you relate to this apprehension?  Does it ever get worked out?