At 30 years of age, and after 5 years of unhealthy physical decline, I decided to start running.  That was 5 years ago.  I have since done many triathlons, 1 marathon, and several 5 K's.  Not quite Forest Gump, but I do love running.  I love being active, and I love punishing my body to make myself stronger/faster.  I love how I feel when I am in a season of good health.  Everything seems to go better for me.  I sleep better, eat better, feel better, and weigh less.  And...I think people can see that on my face.  Running works for me.  Does it work for you? Last summer, about the time Vanessa and I sent our first payment to America World Adoption Agency to adopt Samuel from Ethiopia, we also started a Bible Study group called 1:17; named after Isaiah 1:17.  At first, we were just like minded individuals of the same heart, with the same dreams - to make this world a better place for the 163 million orphans in the world.

It was at 1 of these meetings in the early Fall of 2010 that Dr. Scott Balin of The Wellness Center (who has hosted our group) said he had an idea for a fund raiser for adoptions.  Run4TheChildren.  He said it so quietly, so uncertainly.  But I think in his mind, he knew this was going to take off.  Immediately I knew this idea was going to take off.  What a great idea!  A 4 mile run for kiddos, actually raising money for adoption.  Who wouldn't get behind that?

Well, Scott and I started dreaming, building websites, recruiting sponsors, putting it all together.  

Scott has some great connections in the community.  Our list of sponsors grew and grew, as did our list of registrants.  Oh my goodness the buzz in Katy, Tx. was ALIVE with Run4TheChildren.  This was actually going to happen.  The 1:17 people have been amazing.  Gathering to stuff packets, and help us stay organized.  Thanks to Suzanne Box!

Yesterday was Packet Pickup at Luke's Locker.  So many people we didn't recognize came.  The word had gotten out!  400 people registered at this point.

Thousands would be raised for actual adoptions.  Glory to God.  I am amazed.

Well, here we are 1 day away from the first annual Run4TheChildren.  Already, I am a little misty eyed to know that it's finally here, and all of our hard work is about to pay off.

I think about the kids who will ultimately benefit from this race...they can't get here soon enough.  And, though international adoption is anything but easy, and normal, real strides are being made to make it a reality.

There is a little rumbling underneath it all, and I don't think it's stress.  That's normal.  I think what is happening is that we are making inroads on the kingdom of darkness, and a massive 1 million watt LED is being shined into the dark places.  I think that is shaking the earth and I love it.

Oh, how the Kingdom of God can grow when people that love the Lord, come together for the same purpose.  Through HIS strength, so much can be accomplished.  Stay tuned for pics from the actual event.  I am stoked!