Re:Create Day 2

I woke up early on day 2 for I had heard so much about Meridees, and was pretty stoked about experiencing it for myself.  Wow...what a great vibe for a breakfast place, right in downtown Franklin.  I can picture my group of guys hanging out there for fellowship and pancakes.  Alas, the Public House will have to do.   PCPN-Post Church Pint Night.  You can find me there most Wednesday nights with my good friends.

Back to Re:Create.

Several things struck me about Tuesday, the first of which was the fiery and vivacious Patsy Clairmont.  Whoa.

Mrs. Patsy had so much truth and conviction in her talk.  My key takeaways:

1 - We must be committed to the journey of sanctification in our lives. What I mean is this.  When you picture the best you, that you can picture...when you are operating in your giftedness, and know that you are doing what God has called you to;  and then picture the worst you, that you can picture.  This was not hard for me for I am keenly aware of my depravity.  But the great CHASM that exists between these two mental pictures. THIS IS MY JOURNEY.  This is what I am called to.  To be committed to that journey.  She put it so eloquently.  I am not sure I did any justice to it.

2 - We must have a pool of peeps to speak truth into our lives. I have invited Vanessa to do this for me.  But I need others.  The hard part about this is pushing against my natural desire to defend myself.  This is a wonderful exercise and really helps me to grow in so many ways.  We all have blind spots.  Other people see them.  Will you be brave enough to ask them to point them out?  It's risky.  But therein is the crux of living.  "Mercy and Redemption - That's God's business."  Open up and let Him work.

I love what she said.  "Above all, trust in the slow work of God."  Such truth, and such opposition it stands to the instant gratification culture that we are immersed in.  The slow work.   Eugene Peterson wrote a book that I read called "A Long Obedience in the Same Direction".  Much of the same message.  And I need this reminder daily.  The slow work of God.

After lunch Thomas Nelson publishers surprised us with free stuff!!  Plus an interview with Andrew Kalavan, Joel Miller, and David Teems; three authors on their roster.  Patsy Clairmont did a wonderful job with the interview.

What came next was something that took me by total surprise, brought me back to my childhood, and was profoundly moving in my life.  My family did a stint in the Catholic church for about 3 years in Elementary School,  so I vaguely remember liturgical services.  I had never, never, never experienced a service like this.  Pastor Dan led us in the Eucharist, a 1 hour service of response, reflection and communion.  I love intinction style communion because of the personal nature of it.  My name is John: The body, and the blood for you John.  Powerful.

Next up 1211 blew us away with an amazing worship set. I loved seeing them as they worshipped, watching their faces as they created together, this gift for God.  It was inclusive; we sat right next to them.  And actually took part in this gift of worship.

Funny, I have never seen a worship band led by the drummer.  Ramy did a wonderful job with this group of musicians and as I got to know him and people on his team, he no doubt has the heart of a Pastor.  What an honor to get to know him and his crew.

55 South Chicken and Sausage gumbo for lunch that day by the way, and OH. MY.  So good.

Tuesday night, was one for the record books.  Live, the band, for the most part, rocked re:create.

Ed Kowalczyk, now a professing Christian, sang the oldies, and many off his new record, aptly named "Alive".   "Selling the Drama"...yes.  "I Alone"...yes.  "Lightning Crashes"...yes.

After the show, us music snobs gathered outside the venue and recanted all of our musical memories from the 90's.  Live had a big part in my musical upbringing.

Randy...great choice.  Thank you for spoiling us re:creators and for building into us and opening up the conference with a fantastic first full day.  By this time of the conference, I had begun to make plans for 2012, and already began to feel sad about leaving Franklin.  The day would come, and I'd be back in my normal surroundings, would anything be different?