Re:Create Day 1

Knots in my stomach as we approached the airport in Houston.  Would these people get me? Would I fit in?  Was I going to make a fool out of myself? (I assumed the answer was "yes" given who I am)  Would I make any real connections, and would this trip prove worthy? I was pretty sure it was going to be a last minute run through the airport, as well.  Luckily, and unluckily, my flight was delayed.  I was flying standbye, with my guitar so overhead space was going to be limited by the time I got on board.  Luckily, I found space and after a 1.5 hour delay I was on the way. We landed in snowy Nashville around 4:30 (the beginning of re:create was a mixer that went from 4-6)  I took a cab and got to the hotel around 5:30pm. The room was buzzing with people everywhere.  I knew only 1 person and hadn't spotted him yet.  And...I am an introvert.  Not really good at meeting new people, and it seemed that most of these people already knew one another.  Not good for me.  Add to that, I left my phone in the cab and he was long gone.

By this time, I was a wreck.  Stressed from the travel, from losing my phone, and being forced to mix it up with all these new people.  Thankfully, I saw @Chuckazooloo, and he showed me around.  Really, he showed me around/drove me around and introduced me all week.

Thank you Chuck.  (Here he is) You are so selfless, and a great friend.

I met some new folks, we chatted a bit, and then headed to Clearview Baptist in Franklin, TN where Word (The Record Label) was hosting us that night.

Up first.  Amazing food.  See, Randy Elrod is passionate about food.  I already liked him.  Little did I know, this week would include wonderful food for every meal.  We ate some delectable Mexican food, and homemade popsicles.  Pure goodness.  Now, for the entertainment.

Jason Castro (of American Idol fame) was first.  He played a few songs, the mix wasn't great.  Then, Patrick Ryan Clark a Worship Leader at Watermark Church in Dallas, Tx.  Both guys were really kind, and humble on stage.  I loved hearing their songs.

But, to close out the night, Chris August played.  I was really impressed.  The mix was much better, and he was playing the same guitar I play.  (Anderson Crowdster Plus).  What an amazing guitar.  But, the thing that was great about Chris was WHO he was.  He was relaxed amid the awkward beginning in which his guitar wasn't working.  He was funny, honest, and had a voice reminiscent of Gavin Degraw.  Here's a clip of my favorite song that night called 7x70.

We left there, and went to The Bunganut Pig (our hang out for the week) for some great conversation.  So good.  Great time further getting to know these other re:creators.

I went to bed knowing that I was in the right spot.  These people, they were of my tribe.  Hope this week would yield some solid connections.  It did NOT disappoint.  Stay tuned.  Many good thoughts on tap tomorrow, for Day 2.