Priorities - Idols

Mark Driscoll: "Religious idolatry uses God for health, wealth, success, and the like. In this grotesque inversion of the gospel, God is used for our glory, as if not only are we supposed to worship ourselves, but God is also to be a worshiper of us. This kind of false gospel preaching is evident whenever Jesus is presented as the means by which an idolater can obtain his idol. Examples include Jesus being presented as the one who promises to make you rich, happy, healed, joyfully married, and parentally successful." I read this on a Mars Hill Blog the other day.  Mark Driscoll does such a wonderful job of clearly communicating the Gospel, and It's implications on our lives - and simultaneously debunking the prosperity gospel that so many churches are preaching these days.

The quote above really stirs something in me.  Is Jesus my only priority?  Or have I set something else up as an idol in my life?  Music?  Band?  Media - Design?  Creativity?  Myself?  This is really foundational stuff, kinda like, "no duh".  But still, I struggle with it every day.  Am I the only one?

My prayer for today, is for Jesus only.  May I find true joy and fulfillment in Him alone.  A tall order when feeling poor, unhappy, sick, in a struggling marriage, and as an unsuccessful parent.  Yet, that is the order even if I feel like all these things.  The truth is, i feel like some of these things almost every day.  I am sure you do too.  Our feelings are fickle, God never changes and is always deserving of our utmost attention.

And I will praise Him!  And today - this morning as in every morning, I renew that commitment.