White Space

So much talk in my life in the last few months has been about MARGIN.  Creating margin in our services (room for the Holy Spirit to move), creating margin in our budget (room for the unexpected) as well as margin in my calendar.  For the most part, that has worked, and you know what, when you plan for the unexpected, your day/week/service/budget doesn't get hijacked.  For the most part, we Americans pack as much into our day as we can possibly eek out.  And, then when it doesn't get done, we're disappointed by it.  I am guilty.  I have learned this lesson the hard way, no doubt. But occasionally, a week comes that is packed with meetings.  Very little white space, very little time to knock out the to-do list.

So, my prayers this morning are intentional.  I WILL stay grounded, and not let my stress level impact my relationships.

I love making time in the morning to spend praying for the day/week/budget in my life.  That's margin, and the benefit of it.

Naturally, looking at this week, and then trying to catch up from being gone for a week, my Re:Create 2011 review might take a bit longer.

Hang in there.

It's coming, and it will be SO worth it.  Well, I hope so.