God's Grace, and a Gentle Reminder

I love Timehop.  Each day, it mines your social network to see what you were posting/sharing/doing online on the exact date, 1, 2...10 years ago.  (was anyone on social media 10 years ago?)

Sometimes, it's whimsical stuff, like on special days - most recently Reagan's birthday.  And, other times, it's hard stuff.  This week, my Timehop has been filled with stark reminders of what I was going through 6 years ago.  In short, I was 34, married with kids, working hard each and everyday, and dealing with medical problems with both my Mom and Dad.  Life was hard back then.  

2 days ago my Timehop reminded me of that time in which I had to get an ambulance to take my Dad to the hospital.  He had to go to the VA because all of his healthcare was covered.  I remember as they unloaded him, and got him to a room in the ER, he became unresponsive.  I was going crazy.  His heart rate was like, 215 bpm!!  Doctors swarmed in the room and I stepped out, uttering my prayers to God by my painful groans.  I had no words, I thought I was losing him.  

And what made it so hard was the fact that my Mom was in another hospital, across town, getting her pacemaker worked on.  I was by myself, needing to be in 2 places at once.  I felt like I was being torn in 2.  

Eventually, my Dad recovered from this near death scare, and my Mom's procedure was fine.  Life settled down for the time being.  

But what Timehop does, is reminds us of what we have gone through.  See, I tend to forget hard things that I go through.  It's part of God's grace in my life.  If I was always aware of all the crap I've walked through, I'd be too afraid to live my life.  I believe that's true of each of us.  

But we don't shrink back in fear.  We face each day, committing to give the day, the best of us.  We are trying to instill this attitude in life, into our children.  In fact, in their craft space upstairs we have this gentle reminder that my wife framed and put up there.  I can't tell you how many times we've reminded our children about our mantra.  "We can do hard things".  

But it's not just beneficial for them.  I can't tell you how many times we've reminded ourselves about our mantra.  "We can do hard things."  

With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  Mark 10:37